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Does sslhub have a free plan?

Sslhub has free and paid plans. With the free plan, you can monitor 15 SSL certificate for 3months. Email and Slack integrations come with the free plan so you can use them as notification channels.

If you want to upgrade to "Basic" or "Pro" plan you can go to "My Settings > Plans & Billing" page and click on "Upgrade" button. You will see a new popup where you can add your payment details and upgrade to a paid plan. Both plans come with a 7-days additional trial.

How do I upgrade to a paid plan?

How can I cancel my subscription?

If you want to cancel your "Basic" or "Pro" plan you can go to "My Settings > Plans & Billing" page and click on "Cancel Plan" button. Your plan will be canceled.

You can cancel your plan anytime but no refunds are provided for your current period.

If I cancel my paid plan will I get a refund?

What is SSLHUB?

Sslhub is a SSL certificate monitoring tool. It will monitor all your SSL certificates track about the changes and track about expiry and alert you with notification channels you prefer and provide you a consolidated weekly, monthly & quarterly reports. Keep you support teams alerted and spot errors before the users get impacted.

You need to add all you Secure Domains into our portal, this will capture and all your SSL certificate information and provide you the expiry info. When you set your prefer notifications the system will send you pro-active notifications on prefer channels. When you set reports the sslhub app will send proactive notifications on regularly.

How does it work?

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